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Crank 2: High Voltage Theatrical Review
Crank 2: High Voltage Theatrical Review   Crank 2: High Voltage Theatrical Review
(Nathan M Rose)  4/19/2009 9:14 PM EDT
A budding action star, Jason Statham, stared as Chev Chelios in a low budget film entitled Crank in 2006.   Set in a surreal world that basically was a cinematic version of the Grand Theft Auto video game series, Chev (Statham) had one hour to get a lethal Chinese poison cocktail out of his system before he died.While quirky and extremely... Read More

The Matrix Blu-ray Review
The Matrix Blu-ray Review   The Matrix Blu-ray Review
(Nathan M Rose)  4/18/2009 10:43 AM EDT
Every couple of years a movie comes along that defines a generation of films.  In 1999, that film was, The Matrix.  Now, ten years later, the film that defined a generation makes its way to Blu-ray.The Matrix follows the trials of Neo (Keanu Reeves), a young computer programmer, searching to determine the deepest reality of a post-Apocaly... Read More

Fast & Furious Theatrical Review
Fast & Furious Theatrical Review   Fast & Furious Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  4/14/2009 8:05 PM EDT
The idea to simply give the fourth movie the same name as the first was either brilliant or idiotic, and as it broke all previous records for car/movie openings and April openings --  I am going to have to go with brilliant!  The franchise was never exactly brain-food, but had managed to deliver high-octane racing action overlayed with a ... Read More

Legally Blondes DVD Review
Legally Blondes DVD Review   Legally Blondes DVD Review
(Nathan M Rose)  4/14/2009 1:42 PM EDT
What do you get when you take an already established franchise, throw in some great new actresses with a cleaver script?  The answer is simple -- Legally Blondes (aka Legally Blonde 3). When Elle Woods' young, blonde cousins, Annie and Izzy (Milly and Becky Rosso), moved from England to California, they thought their pink clothes, small d... Read More

Hannah Montana: The Movie Theatrical Review
Hannah Montana: The Movie Theatrical Review   Hannah Montana: The Movie Theatrical Review
(Jim Hill)  4/12/2009 9:02 PM EDT
In the not-exactly-grand tradition of "Munsters Go Home" and "McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force," here comes "Hannah Montana:  The Movie."My apologies if the lede of today's article makes it sound as if I'm taking a cheap shot. That's honestly not my intention here. I bring up the motion picture versions of "... Read More

Monsters vs. Aliens Theatrical Review
Monsters vs. Aliens Theatrical Review   Monsters vs. Aliens Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  4/6/2009 9:51 AM EDT
Animated movies are assembled out of some basic component parts.  There are the adult-demographic jokes -- designed to play to the parents; there are the sidekicks, colorful, usually without any arc, and designed for humor value; there is the "set back" in the 3rd act (as reliable as the boy-loses girl false-dawn element of romantic ... Read More

Knowing Theatrical Review
Knowing Theatrical Review   Knowing Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  4/1/2009 9:28 PM EDT
There are a few common ways to handle prophecy in fiction.  The first is the Greek tragedy way: the prophecy comes true, even if your knowledge of it makes it come true.  It does not lie, and it is not misinterpreted (this is the Oedipus configuration of prophecy).  The second is that the prophecy may come true, but you can stop it o... Read More

Race to Witch Mountain Theatrical Review
Race to Witch Mountain Theatrical Review   Race to Witch Mountain Theatrical Review
(Nathan M Rose)  3/15/2009 6:41 PM EDT
For decades, the Disney name has been synonymous with family entertainment.  But in recent years, this usually meant younger female audiences that shied away from the young boy audience.   However, this is all about to change as Walt Disney Pictures brings their re-imagining of the 1970's classic, Escape to Witch Mountain, to the sil... Read More

Watchmen Theatrical Review
Watchmen Theatrical Review   Watchmen Theatrical Review
(Eric English)  3/8/2009 8:34 PM EDT
An apology to the fans of the acclaimed Graphic Novel. For the uninitiated, "Watchmen" is an absolute chore to watch. Before you read any further, sorry. Nostalgia for the source material might be deep rooted, and the film may be faithful to a fault with respect to its 1986 origins. But the year is 2009 and our superheroes, and super hero... Read More

My Bloody Valentine Theatrical Review
My Bloody Valentine Theatrical Review   My Bloody Valentine Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  2/24/2009 9:11 PM EDT
As the first R-rated film shot in 3D (modern 3D: 'Real D' technology), it is definitely worth at least a second glance.  For starters, it is a perfect application -- sharp things, gory things, and surprising things leap out of the screen at you; this is one of the things 3D was made for -- in fact, it was the first thing 3D was made for. ... Read More