Mar 14, 2007 04:56 PM EST

Dreamswork To Go To 3D in 2009

According to Variety, Dreamworks will be launching a heavy 3-D campaign in 2009, announcing that they will be releasing all of their features in that format. CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg says, "By that time [2009], I think that in domestic markets we will be able to release a film entirely in 3-D."

There have been a few notable 3-d efforts last year and more to come this year. Superman Returns had a few select scenes in 3-D, and this month, Disney will be releasing Meet the Robinsons 3-D when it premiers. Some other notable films that will be released in 3-D are Avatar, by James Cameron, set for release in 2009 and Journey 3-D released by New Line Cinema in 2008. The new 3-D craze i shopping to lure more people back to theaters.

Dreamworks will be releasing their first 3-D film, Monsters vs. Aliens, sometime in 2009.
Source: Variety
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