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Bedlam to Premiere on BBC America Saturday, Oct 1 at 10/9c

Bedlam to Premiere on BBC America Saturday, Oct 1 at 10/9c
This Saturday on BBCA a new show from producer David Allison airs called Bedlam. The show was first premiered to audiences at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. The show takes place in England and centers on a newly renovated apartment complex that was once an insane asylum. If you can't figure out where this show is going than you clearly don't watch much TV. The new residents are plagued by spirits of the former patients and one new comer has the unique ability to speak to the dead and is willing to help them find their final rest.

In an interview with David Allison he called the show Melrose Place with ghosts, so we can expect a certain amount of skin during the episodes. Certainly during the first show we see a nice dalliance of steamy passion between two of the main characters, Kate and Ryan (Charlotte Salt & Will Young). Kate is the daughter of the building's owner Warren (Hugo Speer) who is something of a cold fish and certainly as more episodes unfold we will find out why. Ryan lives in one of the apartments with Kate and Molly (Ashley Madekwe) who harbors a crush on Ryan. Kate complicates things by acting on this knowledge and making moves on Ryan. Molly discovers this of course and needless to say this puts stress on their friendship.

Unbeknownst to all three of them there is a ghost haunting their apartment and this is where the fourth member of the cast comes into play. Theo James plays Jed Harper; a childhood friend of Kate's who re-enters her life under mysterious circumstances. We learn that as a child Jed experienced strange hallucinations and naturally his malady was diagnosed as schizophrenia so he was placed in an asylum. Now as an adult Jed has accepted that his visions are not part of a disease of the mind but actually ghosts of people who have died and are unable to move forward in their spiritual journey. Now back in Kate's life he is seeking to locate the source of the paranormal activity so he can help.

Along the way Jed must learn to re-integrate himself into the lives of his old friends and that isn't easy considering he has been on his own for many years now. As the attacks on the apartment increase in severity it is up Jed to solve it before one or all of his friends come to a grisly end.

There are some good points and one bad point about this show, but let's take it one step at a time. The good: the actors in the show are well equipped to handle the material and do an excellent job of coming off convincing. The drama between the characters, having nothing to do with ghosts, is superb and the writers hint at enough deeper issues that you'll definitely be coming back for more. The ghosts in the show are very creepy and given the location it only helps to enhance the overall tension within. That brings us to the highlight and that's the locations. In David Allison's interview he mentioned how when he was scouting locations to shoot the show in he came across many old, decrepit and yet beautiful buildings that really evoked the kind of emotions he was hoping for. The building they chose for the asylum/apartment complex is certainly a place you would and wouldn't want to live in.

The one issue with this show is the most obvious; the concept. Right now there are so many supernatural shows on TV that another almost seems redundant. True, the premise is unique somewhat and that will attract the audience but once you've finished the first episode you find yourself asking, "Isn't this just another ghost show"? Hopefully the fact that the show is utilizing a hot commodity won't hinder it in the long run because regardless the show is very well done.

So if you're in the market for a new show to sink your teeth into, set your DVR for this Saturday at 10p.m. EST on BBCA for Bedlam, you will not be disappointed. 
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