Oct 11, 2007 12:59 PM EST

Disney / Pixar to make Three Mars Films

"John Carter of Mars", the latest Disney/Pixar film, appears to be moving right along with their pre-production. The new movie, based on the Edgar Rice Burrows sci-fi series, is about a Civil War veteran whose retreat into a cave to avoid capture by Apache Indians takes an otherworldly turn as he's transported via time portal to the planet of Barsoom and taken prisoner by 12-foot-tall green men.

Everyone involved with the project is very excite about its creation. "All six members at the meeting expressed a deep commitment to the project, acknowledging that they had been inspired by Burroughs' creations from a very early age. This is evidenced in the excitement held for the John Carter property and the plans for a film trilogy faithful to the Burroughs books".

Disney is hoping that the popular 11 volume series will become a franchise. The first film is set to debut in 2012.
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