May 04, 2008 11:45 AM EST

X-Men 4 Gets Greenlight

X-Men 4 has the green light, and apparently Josh Schwartz, creator of the O.C., will be writing the script.  Many are surprised at the choice and even Josh himself understands that there may be some backlash towards him for the project.  "I'm very well aware that I'll be bludgeoned by purists, but I love its mythology, and it comes with a pretty hefty paycheck."

The new film will be a prequel and will focus on a teenager who is staying at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.  "It's not like I'm adding new characters like Toaster Head, or anything like that. The Incredible Hulk looks like it's going to be terrible. And why does he look like he's fighting against the monster from Cloverfield? I mean, with Transformers, it's not like fans were going to come back saying, 'You used the wrong car.' This, however, is a different story. Brett Ratner didn't have a lot of credibility going in to the third X-Men movie, but I think Bryan Singer [who directed the first two installments] got a free pass on Superman Returns because of his work on X-Men."

There is no production date scheduled for the film yet.
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