Jun 30, 2008 04:28 PM EST

Disney/Pixar Wall-E Box Office Numbers Are Out of This World

This weekend was big for the box office with premieres like "Wanted" and "Wall-E".  Both opened with earnings grossing over $50 million, making it the first time in history that two new movies opened with such numbers.  Wall-E was expected to open blowing away all competition, but "Wanted" proved to be a strong opponent for the Disney/Pixar release.  

Wall-E opened with $62.5 million in 3,992 theaters, making it a strong candidate for the third highest grossing film release from Pixar (close to the Monsters, Inc. film).  The film is expected to quite well, considering the great reviews, with an estimated earning amount of $200 million.   The studio is hoping for a strong turnout for the next few weeks in order to cover the $180 million cost of the film.  

Wanted grossed an estimated $50 million, with only openings in about 3,100 theaters, making them win against Wall-E in per theater sales. They also were the number one opening for an "R" rated movie in June.  Another thing in favor of "Wanted" is the fact that it cost about $100 million less to make than Wall-E. 
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