Oct 14, 2008 02:05 PM EST

New Street Fight Film Will Top Original

Steven E. de Souza recently gave an interview with MTV Moives Blog, discussing his thoughts on the upcoming "Street Fighter" film. de Souza wrote and directed the original "Street Fighter" film that was released in 1994. 

de Souza seems excited about the remake, stating, "I heard that it's the story of just Chun-Li. That has to make for a better picture. When we were making the original one, they insisted that all of the characters be in the movie. And if you do the math, that gives you about 7 minutes per character if you split it up equally."

He says that he is looking for ward to seeing those that were cast in the film- Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Klein and Taboo, amongst others. "I'm envious of this group, because they're able to construct a movie around a single character rather than a three-ring circus that needs to be lassoed with the story.  It's a rich universe, and I think it can support all of these versions."
Source: MTV News
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