Disney/Pixar Excited About Wall-E on Blu-ray

 Nov 07, 2008 02:29 PM EST

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The smash hit, "Wall-E", will be released on Blu-ray November 18 and is expected to make an even bigger splash once people view the film on with interactive features and enhanced audio and video quality.

Andrew Stanton, director of the "Wall-E", is particularly excited about the release. "This is the first time where a format exactly represents how good a film looks in the building here. It used to be that you'd only go downhill from here after [creating films in the studio]. We sweat over every pixel."

Stanton adds that "With Blu-ray, you get the maximum impact of how the sound really is."  Since "Wall-E" communicates with only electronic blips and not a voice, the sound quality is of the utmost importance. 

Also, we can experience, in a new way, all the other distinct sounds from the film. There were over 2,600 sound files for the film, and some were quite creative.  

Ben Burtt, the man who oversaw the soundtrack for the film, explained that they used some unusual devices to create certain sounds for the film.  They used a hanging slinky device for the laser gun for the character Eve, a police taser for the clicking noise of the WALL-E cockroach, and even exercise balls rolling down stairs, which was the backing track for the humans sliding around the ship.

Disney/Pixar's Wall-E will be released as four different editions -- a standard definition single-disca standard definition  triple-disc,  Blu-ray double-disc, and a Blu-ray triple-disc edition.

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