Feb 18, 2009 02:46 PM EST

The iPhone Killed South Park's Kenny!

According to numerous sources, the South Park app for the iPhone has been in the works for quite some time. Not only that, they recently had a statement posted from the boys over at South Park stating that it is not only in the works, but completed.

The statement reads, "We first announced our iPhone App back in October, after we submitted the Application to Apple for approval. After a couple of attempts to get the application approved, we are sad to say that our app has been rejected. According to Apple, the content was "potentially offensive." But Apple did admit that the standards would evolve, citing that when iTunes first launched it didn't sell any music with explicit lyrics. At this point, we are sad to say, the app is dead in the water. Sorry, South Park fans."

Maybe, someday, Apple will loosen up the guidelines a bit, and allow the app to be available to customers. Until then, fans will have to get their fix some other way.

Guests may visit the iphone app store by clicking here.
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