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Alvin and the Chipmunks Go To The Movies: Star Wreck

Alvin and the Chipmunks Go To The Movies: Star Wreck
Coming off a popular reboot of their own Star Trek franchise, Paramount has released "Alvin and the Chipmunks Go to the Movies: Star Wreck" on DVD.
This disc contains three "episodes". All of them are centered around a movie/show of some sort. The first is "Star Wreck", which is a parody of Star Trek. Alvin plays Captain Dirk, and Simon plays Mr. Speck. In a bizarre twist of irony, this parody also contains a hidden reference to another parody of another popular science fiction franchise, which doesn't suck. (Note: I'm not suggesting that those are terrible, I'm trying to drop a hint as to what movie the reference is about.) The strongest of the three episodes on the disc, Alvin and the gang doesn't disappoint.
The next one is "Chip Tracy", a parody of Dick Tracy. The weakest of the three, this episode follows Detective Chip Tracy in his effort to bring an end to the illicit root beer trade during the Root Beer Prohibition, with all the cops on the take, and overused gags like "throwing the book" at a criminal.
The last episode is "Elementary, My Dear Simon", which has Simon playing Sherlock Holmes. An intriguing episode that gets close to a decent recurring theme for other episodes, as Simon fits well as Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately Theodore as Dr. Watson got annoying quickly and brings the episode down.
If you're a fan of the reboot TV show, you should take a look at this disc.
The disc is bare bones: no other special features included. Presented in standard definition, encoded with Dolby Digital. The lack of content keeps this at a B.

Rating - B

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