Jul 07, 2010 04:28 PM EST

Status Update on Stephen Kings's It and Pet Sematary Remakes

Recently, David Kajganich gave an interview with Lijas Library about the upcoming "IT" and Pet Semetery" films that are being adapted.

According to Kajganich, he write a first draft for the "Pet Semetery" film and after some changes occurred at Paramount pictures, there were a lot fo changes that the company wanted to be made to the script to make it more appealing for younger audiences. Kajganich was eventually released from his contract and the film was put on hold. producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and writer Matt Greenberg eventually joined the ensemble to get the film moving along, however.

Kajganich also stated that as far as "IT" goes, they are facing the challenge of turning the novel into a single feature length film. He said, "I'm finding as many ways as I can to make certain scenes redundant by deepening and doubling others. To me, this is an interesting process because it has the effect of thematically intensifying the whole, but it can lead to dramatic surprises." He also went on to say, "I told the studio from the beginning that I felt I needed to be able to write for an R rating, since I wanted to be as candid as the novel about the terrible things the characters go through as kids. They agreed."

There is no information on when either film will be released. 

Source: Lijas Library
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