Sep 17, 2010 12:51 PM EST

del Toro Discusses Upcoming Projects from Toronto Film Festival

Recently, Guillermo del Toro spoke to Collider at the Toronto Film Festival about a couple of his upcoming projects.  He will be helming "At The Mountains of Madness", an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, and the reboot of "Haunted Mansion" 3D.

del Toro said that "At The Mountains of Madness" isn't officially greenlit yet, but that he has high hopes that the movie will be made and has been talking with Lovecraft Scholars to get their ideas for the script.

The "Haunted Mansion" story line has been turned in to Disney Pictures, as well as some concept drawings. The script will be written by Matthew Robbins.  In January, the decision will be made about the script, and after that, del Toro has to decide whether or not to direct the film or not.
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