Oct 14, 2010 05:04 PM EST

Natalie Portman a Possibly in "Alien" Prequel

According to Vulture, Natalie Portman has been added to a list of contenders for the upcoming "Alien" prequel. Portman joins Noomi Rapace, who is starring in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", as the lead hopefuls.

Ridley Scott will be directing the film, and Damon Lindelof will be rewriting the screenplay. The film is said to be just "as violent" as the original film, but that it will be kept at a rating of PG-13.

The budget is said to be an issue; Scott is said to want the budget at around $150 million, and the studio, of course, would like it to be less.

The events in the film will be taking place 35 years before the crew of LC-426 found the crashed alien ship.
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