Feb 15, 2011 11:42 AM EST

Pre-War Nazi 3D Propaganda Films Unearthed

According to Variety, 3D Films, shot in Pre-War Nazi Germany have surfaced at Berlin's Federal Archives.

The two films are both shot in black and white and were found by Australian director Phillippe Mora. Mora is currently working on a documentary to show how Nazis used strong imagery to manipulate the masses.

Filmed in 1936, both films were way ahead of the times as far as 3D technology was concerned. Hollywood didn't achieve popularity with the effect until the 1950s.

Mora said, "The films are shot on 35mm -- apparently with a prism in front of two lenses." He went on to say, "They were made by an independent studio for Goebbels' propaganda ministry and referred to as 'raum film' -- or space film -- which may be why no one ever realized since that they were 3D."

Nazis are known for having pushed the envelopes of technology, and this latest find shows how they left no stone unturned in their quest for domination.

"The quality of the films is fantastic. The Nazis were obsessed with recording everything and every single image was controlled -- it was all part of how they gained control of the country and its people," Mora said.

The films will be incorporated in Mora's upcoming documentary "How the Third Reich Was Recorded".
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