Aug 04, 2011 02:28 PM EST

Snow White Tale "The Order of Seven" Gets Moving

There are no shortages of Fairy Tale film out there, and apparently no shortage of "Snow White" films in  particular. Disney will be releasing "The Order of Seven", a live action revamp of the classic story, and the film will be set in China.

In the film, which is set in the 19th century, the seven dwarves are a band of international warriors who have all lost their way in life. As they happen upon a woman who is in trouble, they find a way to avenge her as well as return to their true way of life.

The film has been in development for nearly a decade and was originally titled "Snow and the Seven". The film will be produced by Andrew Gunn and written by Michael Arndt.

Another Snow White film, "Snow White and the Huntsman" is set for a 2012 release by Universal.
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