Dec 07, 2012 02:53 PM EST

Movie Clock App Introduces All New Movie Check In Experience

With the newest version of the critically accalimed 'Movie Clock' app for iPhone and iPad, Flickdirect is pleased to introduce the all new "check in" experience.  By checking in to films and television shows that the user is currently watching, users can connect their social networks with their entertainment as it is happening. 

It works like this: A single tap of the Check In button  brings up the Check In dialog. Users can then see movies and television shows currently trending throughout the world. They may also choose if they are watching in home or in the theater. After searching the extensive database for the film they are currently watching Movie Clock allows the user to connect with Facebook and Twitter to share comments and check in. 

"With the new in home check in to compliment the location aware in theater check-in we hope both become staples of your movie watching experience." Said Eric English of Flickdirect "Check into ANY movie you are watching anytime, anywhere - Its going to change the way you watch movies."

The previous in theater check in is still availble within the app featuring a location aware movie theater detection feature. Future updates to the app include plans to converse with others as you are watching the films as well as theater specific as well as in home rewards for check -ins. 

Movie Clock for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded at
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