Feb 06, 2013 10:37 AM EST

'Napster' Documentary 'Downloaded' To Premiere at SXSW

'Napster' Documentary 'Downloaded' To Premiere at SXSW
One of the headlining films of SXSW in 2013 is the documentary "Downloaded" which focuses on the
rise and fall of Napster. As part of VH1's "Rock Docs", and directed by Alex Winter (Bill from Bill and
Ted's Excellent Adventure), the film will have its' world premiere at the festival, followed by a panel
discussion with Alex and the co-founders of Napster themselves - Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker.
While Alex is best known for his acting role in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, he has written and
directed several movies - including two Ben 10 movies. His productions are under the company he
founded, Trouper Productions (www.trouperproductions.com), and he has gathered accolades including
Emmy nominations for his work. So why did he create this documentary?
"When Napster launched the peer---to---peer phenomenon," Winter explains, "a new frontier was
birthed out of the ether. We're still reeling from the arrival of this new landscape. And while there has
certainly been evolution in the world of social media and networks, nothing
currently exists that embodies the full functionality that Napster had twelve years ago. I think
It has something to do with the youthful naïveté of launching a new technology without either
concern or full understanding of its disruptive nature."
In addition to filming the co-founders of Napster for the documentary, Alex was able to interview artists
such as Noel Gallagher, DJ Spooky, Mike D and Henry Rollins. He was also able to get record label heads
such as Don Lenner, Chris Blackwell, Seymour Stein and other people/activists including JP Barlow and
Lawrence Lessig.
Watch a teaser for Downloaded below:

Downloaded will premiere at SXSW 2013 on March 10, with the panel discussions open to all badge
holders on March 11. For more information on SXSW, visit www.sxsw.com

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