Jul 17, 2015 12:25 PM EST

Joss Whedon Answers Fan Questions at Nerd HQ 2015

Joss Whedon Answers Fan Questions at Nerd HQ 2015

Last year at San Diego Comic Con Joss Whedon was laid up in London recovering from knee surgery. So when it came time for his Nerd HQ panel, he wasn't there. Instead an awesome group of his friends, led by Nathan Fillion, stepped in and Whedon video chatted in for a portion of the panel. This year there was some chatter among fans whether Whedon would be at Nerd HQ live and in the flesh. They needn't have worried.
Bringing his own unique brand of sarcasm, self-derision, and honesty to the Sunday afternoon Conversation, Whedon politely and patiently answered audience questions for close to 45 minutes. Many of the inevitable questions popped up. Does he think about trying to bring back Firefly? "I don't ask about Firefly because I'm terrified that we bring it back and I don't have the same mojo." Why does he kill off the characters we love? "I just want to make sure the stories matter to people, but I don't have a poster that says ‘kill.'" In a change from the other times he's had to answer this question, Whedon seemed to take the title of "favorite character killer" in stride. "Suck it, George!" he said, referring to Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin.
Shifting to other topics, Whedon confessed though he has no current plans to follow up the success and acclaim for Much Ado About Nothing with another Shakespeare film, if he were going to do one it would be Othello. Some of the other cool facts we learned had to do with his two Avengers films. The idea for Paul Bettany to become The Vision was something Whedon pitched in his first Avengers meeting. Portions of the first film were shot on iPhones because why not? Captain America may have been "worthy" enough to lift Thor's hammer but Whedon asks us whether we're sure he failed to lift it. Maybe Cap just decided to stop. Food for thought indeed. 

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