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Disney and Pixar Bring Toy Story that Time Forgot to Blu-ray

Disney and Pixar Bring Toy Story that Time Forgot to Blu-ray
Toy Story has been a huge animated success.  It has had 2 sequels with a third, allegedly, on the way, mountains of merchandising, and a couple of half hour television specials.   In 2014, the latest of these shows aired in December in order to take advantage of the Holiday season.  Now, almost a year later, you can own Toy Story That Time Forgot on Blu-ray.

Toy Story That Time Forgot includes all the usual cast of characters, but really centers around Trixie, (Kristen SChaal; The Last Man on Earth) Bonnie's (Emily Hahn; ParaNorman)the toy dinosaur that longs to actually be played with like a dinosaur instead of all the other uses Bonnie finds for her (i.e. Reindeer).  When Trixie, Andy (Tom Hanks; Bridge of Spies), and Buzz (Tim Allen; The Santa Clause) go with Bonnie to a playdate right after Christmas, they find the world of the Battlesaurs.

Left to their own devices while Bonnie and her friend play video games, Trixie and Rex (Wallace Shawn; The Princess Bride) initially think the Battlesaurs are cool until they come to realize the Battlesaurs have never actually been "played with" and don't know they are in a land of "make believe".  Trixie, aided by a Battlesaur named Reptillus (Kevin McKidd; Gray's Anatomy), must find a way to get Bonnie and her friend away for the video game and play with them instead. 

Schaal and her unique speaking voice lend itself beautifully to that of an animated female dinosaur.  McKidd is regal as Reptillus, the Leader of the Battlesaur Army and his accent gives the character an air of aristocracy which helps make the reptile charming, yet authoritative.  Hanks, Allen, and Don Rickles (Daddy Dearest) as Mr. Potato head are as fun and playful as always.

Of course, one would expect no less than the best quality when dealing with Pixar animation, and Toy Story That Time Forgot is no exception.  The lines of Reptillus are chiseled and detailed and all the characters have shading and hues that give them more realistic definition.  The DTS-HD master 7.1 audio quality is superb, which is vitally important in an animated film.

As an added bonus, the Battlesaurs have a theme song which, luckily, Director Steve Purcell included in the show. This really showcases McKidd's vocal talents.  The extras also include a karaoke video, again utilizing McKidd.  Other extras on the Blu-ray are deleted scenes, Toy Story at Comic Con and a behind the scenes look at the creation and animation of the short.  Ironically, I think the extras may be longer than the movie itself.

Bottom line is, if you have a Toy Story fan in your house, I suggest adding this to their holiday gift list because it was cute and quirky and much of what we have come to expect from the franchise.

Grade: B

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