Apr 12, 2019 10:46 PM EST

Disney's Penguins: When Steve Meets His Penguin Partner, Adeline

Disney's Penguins: When Steve Meets His Penguin Partner, Adeline
It' s a love story starring…penguins.  Or more accurately, starring Steve and Adeline; two Adelie penguins looking for love in Antartica.  These love birds are the main attraction in DisneyNature's new documentary, titled aptly enough - Penguins.

Celebrating ten years, DisneyNature brings to the big screen the 76-minute journey of Steve, the penguin, as he builds his nest to entice a mate, cares for his eggs, and works with his partner Adeline to raise their young.  

Watch as this five-year-old penguin navigates the trials and tribulations of first-time fatherhood in the freezing temperatures at the end of the Earth.  This sneak peek offers a glimpse of life and love as defined by these flightless birds.

The exclusive clip below debuted today on USA TODAY and narrated by The Hangover's Ed Helms shows the tender moment when Steve and Adeline find each other. 


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