Dec 13, 2007 02:29 PM EST

Watch Out Hollywood, Here Comes Candice

The question that the Hollywood producers, directors and casting directors are asking is who is this beautiful, and amazing actress from Canada that is taking Hollywood by storm that was at the American Film Market representing Unistar International Pictures. Her name is Candice Prentice, a name & face to remember.

Candice has completed many projects, and has earned the respect of her peers as illustrated by the letter below, clearly addresses Candice's acting ability is best expressed by a quote from actor Nick Mancuso, her Co-Star in the feature film "Vanessa". 

Mancuso said about Candice "In my opinion with my 40 years experience in the Hollywood film and TV business, Ms. Prentice is a very accomplished actress."

And he continued by saying

"Over the years, I have worked opposite such Hollywood and International stars such as Kim Bassinger, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Raquel Welch, Heather Graham and many, many others and it is my professional opinion, that Candice ranks up there with the best."

The Film "Vanessa" is being distributed by Unistar International Pictures at the AFM, the largest sales market of TV and Films in the World.  Unistar had Leading Actress Candice Prentice meeting and greeting the potential Vanessa buyers as the lead character and Star of the film Vanessa.  This was a very challenging role for any actress to do, but Candice pulled it off brilliantly bringing the character to life as this quote from International Director B.D. "Boz" Benedikt states.

"She had to perform a very tough female leading part requiring many different acting skills, which Ms. Prentice used effectively to portray the true character of Vanessa in the film." 

Later in his letter he also stated:

"I have directed or worked on many films in Europe, Hollywood, and Canada and Ms. Prentice is definitely one of the best overall actresses I have had the pleasure to direct."

As you can see from these quotes, Candice Prentice has earned the respect as an exceptional major actress, who is exploding on the scene.  Candice will appear as the Lead or Co-star in an estimated 10 feature films over the next year.

Additionally, Candice has received a commitment letter to be the primary lead in Phantom 202 as a female fighter pilot and would be paid $1,200,000 for the part in the latter part of 2008.  Many projects are in discussion between Producers & Directors with Candice's Management Company, International Talent Management (ITM) and her Manager Phillip Lee.

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