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The Dark Knight Blu-ray Review

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Review
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The Dark Knight - absolutely, hands down, is the best movie I have seen this year; in fact – in fact -the best I have seen in a few years.  This Christopher Nolan film is indeed a masterpiece!

Who would have thought that these newer Batman films could be so dark and dramatic?  Admittedly, I didn't even see “Batman Begins” until the beginning of this year.  I never really had the desire.  I finally caved, and watched the film.  I was hooked.  I was totally psyched to see “The Dark Knight”.  My expectations were certainly quite high, and I wasn't one bit disappointed.  In fact, the film went above and beyond any expectations I could ever have had.

First, I will start with the obvious - Heath Ledger.  This was nothing less than a PHENOMONAL performance.  I know so many have said the same thing, but it can't be said enough.  This performance would have, no doubt, skyrocketed Ledger into superstar status.  When you can watch a film (knowing who the actor is), knowing all of the tragedy surrounding the situation, and STILL see a character but forget who the actor is -- or even that it is an actor at all -- THAT is a truly great performance.

Although The Joker is an “evil” character of sorts, you can't help but feel for him at times.  He becomes somewhat of a “wounded bird”, who is so scarred deep down.  On the other hand, he is such an enigma, that maybe he was always evil.  Maybe he was always bad and wanted to do bad things just because he could.  No one will ever know how he truly got those scars.  Were they the result of abuse?  Or were they merely self-inflicted by a madman wanting to cause himself great pain?

True, such a great character isn't created by an actor alone; however, they are the ones that breathe life into that character and give it a personality.  The Joker was a tortured soul, yet had pure intentions.  He wasn't blinded by greed or politics; he was motivated by chaos; but   pure and simple -- Ledger brought this character to life and made him great.

The film is marked by considerable tragedy, both emotional and physical.  Rachel Dawes has moved on with her life, and leaves Bruce Wayne wanting; wanting for an end to his “Batman” days and wanting for them to be together, finally.  Bruce sees “the light”, and a way out of his secret life, in Harvey Dent.  He sees in Dent a man motivated by one thing, getting the bad guy.  Someone who can't be swayed from the main objective.

Now, this December, Warner Bros probably gives us the best holiday gift of all, The Dark Knight on Blu-ray.  This Blu-ray disc is truly amazing.  It uses all of the latest technology to give the Dark Knight the treatment it deserves.

The picture itself is perfect.  The overall color theme really shines through in high definition, but the true treat is not until the film alternates from the normal 2.4:1 aspect ratio to it's IMAX 1.78:1 presentation.  It is at this point you realize that this is the next big format for home theaters.

The sound mix itself truly enhances the film boasting a great 5.1 soundtrack with deep basses that make the Hans Zimmer score rock the entire room.

To round out the Blu-ray disc are some great behind the scenes extras and also a digital copy so you can have the Dark Knight with you on the go.

I could have sat in on my couch for days watching this storyline play out.  What a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotion and drama.  I look forward to the next installment, although I know that even if it is great, it cannot possibly top this film, or The Joker, Heath Ledger.  However, this Blu-ray release is a wonderful way to honor and remember him.
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MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 152 minutes
Distributed By: Warner Bros.

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