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Here at FlickDirect, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest news and delivering exclusive interviews. We attend numerous red carpet events, press junkets, and conventions such as Comic Con, to bring your favorite celebrities directly to you. View photos from our various red carpet events and press junkets on FlickDirect's photo gallery. Photos are also available for purchase from our  Shutterstock gallery.

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  • 10/7/2022 8:22 AM EST

    Emile Hirsch Talks Devil's Workshop

    As we head into the Halloween season, horror films are once again dominating theaters and streaming platforms. Watch as FlickDirect’s Allison Rose speaks to Emile Hirsch about his latest film Devil’s...
  • 10/1/2022 11:39 AM EST

    Sosie Bacon (Rose Cotter) Interview

    It’s that time of year again when the leaves turn brown, the air gets colder, and horror movies premiere in theaters. This year’s movie entry is Smile starring Sosie Bacon. FlickDirect’s Allison Rose...
  • 9/6/2022 7:46 PM EST

    Jojo Regina Interview

    Eleven-year-old Jojo Regina made her feature film debut this year as little kya in the movie Where the Crawdads Sing which was released today on all digital  platformsWatch as FlickDirect corresp...
  • 9/6/2022 2:07 PM EST

    LaMonica Garrett Interview

    1883, the prequel to the popular Paramount+ show, Yellowstone, gave fans a glimpse of the Dutton Family’s past and their journey to Montana.  Actor LaMonica Garrett sat down with FlickDirect’s Al...
  • 9/1/2022 8:33 AM EST

    Chad Michael Collins Talks to FlickDirect

    Released on August 16th, Sniper: Rogue Mission is the ninth film in a franchise that began back in 1993. Recently FlickDirect’s Allison Rose had a chance to speak with Chad Michael Collins about repri...
  • 8/25/2022 9:06 AM EST

    Kyra Elise Gardner Interview

    What do you do when you are in film school and you have to make a short documentary?  For Kyra Elise Gardner you go with what you know - Chucky as in Child’s Play Chucky…the murderous doll that c...
  • 8/24/2022 9:21 AM EST

    Sylvia Caminer & Dani Barker Interview

    Social Media has become a daily part of most people’s lives, for better or for worse.  Some make a living providing content, while others use the World Wide Web for more nefarious means.  FO...
  • 8/11/2022 9:31 AM EST

    Karla Souza Talks Vampire Mafiosa

    Watch as FlickDirect’s Allison Rose and Day Shift actress Karla Souza enjoy a few laughs as they discuss her role as a Vampire Mafiosa, her improvisation skills, and breaking a very expensive pair of...
  • 8/10/2022 8:46 AM EST

    Darren Barnet & Jaren Lewison Interview

    As Netflix gets ready for this week’s Season 3 release of Never Have I Ever, FlickDirect’s Austin Putnam speaks with Darren Barnet and Jaren Lewiston about what fans can expect and how Darren managed...