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FlickDirect Movie Podcast Network

Dive into the world of cinema with the FlickDirect™ Movie Podcast Network. Our extensive lineup of podcasts covers everything from the latest movie news and celebrity interviews to in-depth discussions about films. Whether you're a casual moviegoer or a film aficionado, our podcasts provide insightful and entertaining content tailored to all tastes.

Discover our diverse selection of podcasts today. Click on any of the links below to listen and immerse yourself in the world of movies. Experience the excitement of new releases and timeless classics through the voices of our expert hosts.

  • FlickThat Movie Radio Show

    Flick Radio: Movies with Guy, Allison, and Steven

    Join Guy T Wehman, Allison Rose, and Steven Lebowitz every Friday for film reviews, classic picks of the week, and box office predictions. Tune in weekly on KRMS for engaging movie discussions and behind-the-scenes stories.

  • FlickThat Movie Podcast Artwork

    FlickThat Movie Podcast (Archived)

    Join hosts Nathan Rose and Austin Putnam as they discuss movies and pop culture from both Gen X and Gen Z perspectives. This engaging and entertaining archived series offers timeless insights and valuable takeaways for all listeners.