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Bambi Blu-ray Review

Bambi Blu-ray Review
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Since its inception Disney has put out classic films that entertain people of all ages. Specializing in animation they made some of the most iconic movies of all time. Over the last few years Disney has been releasing special editions of some its more classic films. One of their most treasured stories has just received the same treatment. It is unlikely that there is a person alive today who hasn't heard of Bambi, the sad and heartwarming story of a baby deer living out his young life in the forest. 
The film opens with the birth of Bambi as his father watches on from a distance. Learning the basics of life from his mother we watch as he stumbles his way towards taking his first steps. Like any newborn, Bambi is curious about everything around him. His curiosity is what introduces him to some of his best and life-long friends. Thumper, a baby rabbit, is the most boisterous of his friends. Being very proud of whom he is and what he is, he has no fear when it comes to making friends with Bambi. Together they get into mischief like most children do but in the end come out of it laughing. 
The other friend of Bambi's is a young skunk named flower. He is named this because as Bambi is still learning the names of things he thinks that what skunks are called. It isn't long though before the reality of life rears its head. Everyone knows this is the part where most children are ushered out the room or told some white lie about what actually happened and that's that Bambi's mother was killed by a hunter. Bambi, having no idea what this means, doesn't understand why his mother will not wake up. Now left to fend for himself Bambi has to grow up fast and he does, or at least that's how it happens in the film.
This is indicated to us by the passing of the season from fall, to winter and then spring. When we see Bambi again he is now a young buck looking for a doe of his own. He finds one but like all things in nature, must fight for her against another buck. He wins in the end and now it is time for the "circle of life" to play itself out as Bambi is now father to a young deer of his own. 
Over the years the movie has endeared itself to new audiences. Now that it is presented in Blu-ray the film has a brighter and clearer look to it. Since this is a classic film it's no surprise that it received such a fine polishing. Along with the Blu-ray and standard versions of the film comes a host of extras. Some of these include, 16x9 full frame viewing experience, an introduction by Diane Disney Miller, 2 never-before-seen scenes, a deleted song, an inside view of a meeting with Walk Disney himself, a trivia game, and interactive galleries. Something new to this DVD is Disney Second Screen which allows you to interact with movies on our laptop or iPad.
Like all classic films that stand the test of time, Bambi is no exception. With a charming story, heartwarming characters, beautifully composed music and wonderful art direction it makes for a wonderful movie that can be enjoyed by all ages. 
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MPAA Rating: G
Running Time: 67 minutes
Distributed By: Walt Disney Pictures

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