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Jul 09, 2015 04:13 PM EST

Self/less Theatrical Review

Self/less is a solid platform for discussion on bigger topics, or simply a nice, but predictable, night out at the movies.
Self/less Theatrical Review
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"Immortality does have some side effects." – Albright.

Given effectively unlimited resources, what happens if you could buy a new body?

In this science future feature by Focus Feature on July 10, 2015, Self/Less explores the big question of just because you can buy yourself a newly minted body, should you. And what about those pesky side effects.

Here we find Damian (Ben Kingsley; Ender's Game, Iron Man 3), the cold hearted, ruthless real estate developer of NYC. With just a few months to live, he is tipped off to a radical medical procedure that will transfer his consciousness into a healthy younger man (Ryan Reynolds; Deadpool, Green Lantern). The procedure is described as an opportunity for the world's greatest minds more time to fulfill their potential.

The procedure is overseen by the mysterious man we only ever know as Albright (Matthew Goode; Watchman, The Imitation Game). To Albright control and privacy are most important. He will go to great lengths to ensure both stay intact.

Young Damian enjoys all life has to offer a wealthy, single man in his mid 30s, but those pesky side effects start. This is where the movie finally starts. As young Damian is faced with tough moral choices, the consequences of his old life, and the realization that maybe he really didn't ask the right questions.

This movie had the chance to dive deep into some of the moral and ethical questions and debate about the future of science and medicine. Who should be saved? What could a great minds, like Stephen Hawking, discover freed from the confines of a failing body? How do you measure the future worth of extending a persons mortality?

But alas, we get only a shallow treatment of these concepts. Our young Damian ultimately fails to live up and squanders his second chance to fulfill his greatest potential.

Self/less is a solid platform for discussion on bigger topics, or simply a nice, but predictable, night out at the movies.

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MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 116 minutes
Distributed By: Gramercy Pictures

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