Aug 23, 2006 11:15 AM EST

Fox's 24 Snags Harold and Kumar Star Kal Penn

Fox's 24 Snags Harold and Kumar Star Kal Penn
Kal Penn, best known for his comedic roles in Van Wilder and Harld And Kumar Go To White Castle, will be joining the cast of the hit FOX television show 24 next season. 

It is reported he will be in a dramatic role as a terrorist involved in a plot surrounding a neighborhood mosque. The sixth season of 24 kicks off in 2007.

Born to Indian parents in New Jersey, Penn left to study film in Los Angeles at the University of California. His feature film debut was 1998's "Express: Aisle to Glory".

Next on film for Penn is a sequel to the 2004 Harold and Kumar film entitled Harold and Kumar Go To Amsterdam. He will also star in a sequel to Van Wilder where his character, Taj, is the central focus.
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