Oct 31, 2011 04:16 PM EST

Joss Whedon to Release In Your Eyes

Joss Whedon to Release In Your Eyes
Joss Whedon, director of the "Avengers" film, has a new film on the horizon. After completing "Much Ado About Nothing", he and Kai Cole will be releasing a supernatural romance, "In Your Eyes".

The film is a love story about two people who seem as if they have nothing in common, yet are soul mates. Whedon said, "When I wrote In Your Eyes, I didn't have the wherewithal (or the moxie) to make it without an established production house. I believe, as I did then, that it's a pretty timeless romance, and now, with the creation of Bellwether Pictures (and Brin Hill's elegant, passionate take on the piece), I have the opportunity to prove it. (I also have a 37% increase in moxie.) I love this team and I can't wait to see them bring In Your Eyes to life."

Directing the film will be Brin Hill, and Kai Cole will be producing with Night & Day Pictures' Michael Roiff.

The film is being released through Whedon and Cole's company, Bellwether Pictures.
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