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Justin Lin Signs TV Deal with Sony Justin Lin Signs TV Deal with Sony
Justin Lin, director of "Fast Five", has signed a deal with Sony Pictures TV. This deal comes right after his production deal with Universal Studios for his company, Barnstorm Pictures. The deal will have Lin developing some series projects for the company. Th...
09/02/2011 1:18 PM EDT  |  Read More

"Fast Five" 3D Version is Out "Fast Five" 3D Version is Out
"Fast Five", the latest installment of the "Fast and the Furious" franchise, almost had a 3D version released, according to The Los Angeles Times. While the film was never meant to be in 3D format originally, they did try to take a scene from the fil...
04/27/2011 4:17 PM EDT  |  Read More

"Fast Six" Already in the Works "Fast Six" Already in the Works
The "Fast and Furious" franchise will be seeing a sixth installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Chris Morgan, the writer of "Fast Five" has signed a two year deal will Universal Pictures and "Fast Six" will be the first project on hand...
04/20/2011 4:34 PM EDT  |  Read More


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