Alien (1979)

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Released:  Friday, May 25, 1979  
Length:  117 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror
Rating: Alien is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of AmericaUnder 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.



Sigourney Weaver shines as the most stalwart crewmember of a space freighter that inadvertently takes on an unwanted visitor. As the bloodthirsty beast stalks the crew (including Tom Skerritt, John Hurt and Yaphet Kotto), they begin to realize they're pitted against a malevolent monster that's perfectly evolved to annihilate humankind.

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 Great film!
3/25/2014 10:29 PM EDT
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Alien Day to be Celebrated Nationwide on April 26  3/29/2016 4:23 PM EDT
On April 26, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products announced today a global celebration of the Alien franchise culminating with a special 24 hour, fan-focused social media event. The event, Alien Day (#AlienDay426), will include nationwide screenings, never-before-seen consumer product activations and the kickoff of the Alien: Ultimate Trivia Challenge, allowing fans to test their ALIEN knowledg...  More>>

Ridley Scott to Keep Tight Rein on Prometheus Franshise  11/13/2015 1:47 PM EDT
Ridley Scott recently commented about the Prometheus franchise, saying that he plans on keeping strict control over its direction.  In an interview, the actor stated, "I'm trying to keep this for myself. I let the other one [Alien] get away from me - I shouldn't have."Scott directed the original Alien film, but then the franchise was passed along to other directors, such as James Cameron and David...  More>>

Prometheus 2 Brings Us One Step Closer to Alien Tie-In  9/24/2015 4:11 PM EDT
Ridley Scott's Prometheus 2 will be the next film that the director is working on, and he says that this film will being us a bit closer to the connection with the Alien franchise, but it's not something he is rushing into.  While at the TIFF film festival, Scott said, "Prometheus has its own story to tell before it eventually ties into the movie that started it all…it won't be in the next one. It...  More>>

Michael Biehn to Return to Alien Franchise?  3/2/2015 3:57 PM EDT
Michael Biehn, who starred as Corporal Hicks in Aliens, may be making an appearance in the new installment of the Alien franchise. Biehn, who attended Pensacola Comic-Con over the weekend, was asked by Reddit user Sskywarpe if he was to return to the franchise and the actor reported smiled and said "Yes".Wile nothing has been confirmed as of yet, many fans are very excited about this possible deve...  More>>

Neill Blomkamp Discusses Direction of Alien Film  2/26/2015 9:45 AM EDT
Upcoming Alien director, Neill Blomkamp, will be continuing Ellen Ripley's storyline from Aliens and will be ignoring all the sequels.Blomkamp said, "I want this film to feel like it's literally the genetic sibling of Aliens. So it's Alien, Aliens, and then this movie". Sigourney Weaver also commented on the film, saying, "I would love to take Ripley out of orbiting around in space, and give a pro...  More>>

Neill Blomkamp to Direct Next Alien Franchise Film  2/19/2015 10:12 AM EDT
Neill Blomkamp, director of the upcoming Chappie film, has made an announcement, via Instagram, that he will be directing the next Alien film. The director Instagrammed a picture of the infamous Alien icon, along with the words "Um... So I think it's officially my next film. #alien"Ridley Scott will be producing.  The script will be set after the Prometheus 2 storyline....  More>>

Surrealist Artist H.R. Giger Passes Away at 74  5/13/2014 11:11 AM EDT
H.R. Giger, the Swiss artist who is known most for his creation of the iconic alien in Ridley Scott's "Alien", has died.  He was 74. According to his museum, Giger passed in a hospital on Monday after succumbing to injuries from a fall he took. Giger once said, "My paintings seem to make the strongest impression on people who are, well, who are crazy," Giger said in a 1979 interview with Starlog m...  More>>

Michael Green Hired for Prometheus Sequel Rewrite  3/25/2014 11:33 AM EDT
Michael Green, who worked with Ridley Scott on a new "Blade Runner" film, has been hired to write the script for the upcoming "Prometheus" sequel. The script will be a rewrite of Jack Paglen's screenplay."Prometheus" was a prequel to the "Alien" franchise, and starred Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender.  The film focused on the search for the Engineers, aliens who constructed the h...  More>>

Jack Paglen to Pen Prometheus 2  6/18/2013 11:24 AM EDT
The upcoming sequel to "Prometheus" will be written by Jack Paglen, according to reports.The "Transcendence" scribe is currently in negotiations for the job, now that Ridley Scott has agreed to Paglen's vision for the film.  Damon Lindelof wrote the the first film, which earned a respectable $403 million.It is said that this film will have less of the "Alien" elements that the...  More>>

Are Blade Runner and Prometheus in the Same Universe ?  10/8/2012 3:41 PM EDT
"Prometheus", the Ridley Scott prequel to the "Alien" saga, will be released this week on Blu-ray and DVD.  There will be plenty of bonus material to view, including an Easter egg that has quite a few people talking.   The 58 second featurette, titled "Merging Ridleyverses" talks about the possibility that was thrown around to merge the "Alien" and "Blade...  More>>

Ridley Scott Discusses Prometheus/Alien Connection  11/8/2011 9:24 AM EDT
Ridley Scott recently interviewed with the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy and spoke about about his next film, "Prometheus", and how it will mix with "Alien".He told them that the final minutes of "Prometheus" will be "a pretty good DNA of the Alien one." One can only speculate at this point as to what that means, given the vague comment.Scott went on to say, "I'm a gre...  More>>

Ridley Scott To Direct Alien Prequel  7/31/2009 2:22 PM EDT
"Alien" will be getting a revival on the big screen thanks to Twentieth Century Fox. The film has been given the green light and will be directed by Ridley Scott.  Jon Spaihts will be penning the script to the film, which will be a prequel.  This will be the fifth film in the Alien franchise (not including Alien vs. Predator films).The 1979 original was about a crew on a commercial space ship th...  More>>

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  • Ellen Ripley was orginally inteded to be a male character.