Ratchet and Clank (2016)

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Released:  Friday, April 29, 2016  
Length:  94 minutes
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Genre: Animation/Family
Rating: Ratchet and Clank is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of AmericaSome material may not be suitable for children.


Ratchet and Clank tells the story of two unlikely heroes as they struggle to stop a vile alien named Chairman Drek from destroying every planet in the Solana Galaxy. Ratchet is the last of his kind – a foolhardy “lombax” who has grown up alone on a backwater planet with no family of his own. Clank is a pint-sized robot with more brains than brawn. When the two stumble upon a dangerous weapon capable of destroying entire planets, they must join forces with a team of colorful heroes called The Galactic Rangers in order to save the galaxy. Along the way they’ll learn about heroism, friendship, and the importance of discovering one’s own identity.

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What A Great Classic Video Game Movie it Derseves to go see it for A 2nd Time
05/18/2016 1:29 PM EST

My opinion of the movie that it looks so cool and I really want to see the movie because I played the video game before
04/26/2016 3:36 PM EST

Ratchet and clank is the s***
04/09/2016 1:22 AM EST

Oh yeah rachet and clank
03/16/2016 7:03 PM EST

Game in to A Movie bring it on
03/10/2016 8:15 PM EST

It's animated n I can't wait I've played ever game
02/13/2016 9:17 PM EST

I hope it's Animated other than people in costumes
01/03/2014 4:42 PM EST

Movies based on video games always stink... :P
11/05/2013 12:04 AM EST

I love the video game, I can't wait for this
07/30/2013 3:52 PM EST

Here we go..?
07/22/2013 6:24 PM EST

Hope it's not real
06/09/2013 9:32 PM EST
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