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Stardust Theatrical Review
Stardust   Stardust Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  11/14/2007 12:25 PM EDT
Neil Gaiman has written some absolutely shattering graphic novels (Sandman), some pretty good books (American Gods), and some films that while innovative rarely achieve the same level of shock and awe (Mirror Mask). Part of this is because Gaiman's strength is in complex interwoven storylines where characterization is set in context with a much lar... Read More

Spider-man 3 Theatrical Review
Spider-man 3   Spider-man 3 Theatrical Review
(Eric English)  11/04/2007 10:16 PM EDT
A big budget, blockbuster Spiderman film should be executed as flawlessly as a spider winds her web. Each piece carefully planned, executed perfectly, and ultimatly neccesary to the beauty and efficiency of the completed structure. Unfortunately, in Spiderman 3, director Sam Raimi fails to establish any sort o... Read More

Shooter Theatrical Review
Shooter   Shooter Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  11/01/2007 2:16 PM EDT
The list of "sniper" movies runs the gamut from the obligatory 1993 Sniper where the euphonious character is a Zen Buddhist principled soldier to fare like Phone Booth where 'the Voice' is a bad-guy with a nine-thousand dollar gun. The idea of elite, expertly trained sharp-shooters who strike from a vast distance with pin-point accuracy i... Read More

We Own The Night Theatrical Review
We Own The Night   We Own The Night Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  10/31/2007 3:04 PM EDT
There was precious little owning of the night, to be honest. In fact, a large part of the movie was not shot at night. If anything got owned for sure it was my $8.50.We Own The Night stars Joaquin Phoenix who appears on screen with Mark Wahlberg and Robert Duvall. Which might make you think it would be good. Hey, it made me think it would be good. ... Read More

The Kingdom Theatrical Review
The Kingdom   The Kingdom Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  10/15/2007 4:11 PM EDT
The first 20 minutes of The Kingdom should be required viewing for anyone who wants an overview of modern Saudi history and why things are the way they are there. It's an animated history with dates flashing by like box-cars on a train while the voice-over explains (in rapid cut style) the move from a Wahabist tribal group to a Wahabist tribal grou... Read More

Resident Evil: Extinction Theatrical Review
Resident Evil: Extinction   Resident Evil: Extinction Theatrical Review
(Nathan M Rose)  09/24/2007 10:33 AM EDT
It is the month of September, and like clockwork another Resident Evil movie has been unleashed in the theater. This go round Alice and the gang this head out of their familiar territory of Raccoon City and into the real world in Resident Evil: Extinction.Last time we saw Alice, she had just escaped from the Umbrella Corporation with new found powe... Read More

Transformers Theatrical Review
Transformers   Transformers Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  07/09/2007 9:55 AM EDT
I missed the 1984 TV show by about 5 years: being in high school placed me outside the zone where I'd watch it. I was aware of it though: a Saturday-morning cartoon featuring overly literal names, the same formula bad guys again and again, and (I'll guess) a moral message embedded somewhere in each episode for the same reasons cereal commercials tr... Read More

1408 Theatrical Review
1408   1408 Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  07/09/2007 9:50 AM EDT
I was introduced to 1408 in the audio-book collection Blood and Smoke, three stories by Stephen King that vaguely, barely, relate to death and smoking ... as in ... they have a cigarette in them somewhere. Interestingly, it began life as a writing exercise in King's non-fiction On Writing. He did a few pages to show how he'd revise them and then go... Read More

Ocean's Thirteen Theatrical Review
Ocean's Thirteen   Ocean's Thirteen Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  07/09/2007 9:47 AM EDT
The Ocean's movies have always, fundamentally, about getting George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt together and having them look cool. In fact, all you need to know about this movie is at the end of the trailer: the three of them sit there, in shades and suits, saying nothing, looking cool.If that doesn't sell you on the movie all by itself, yo... Read More

Transformers Theatrical Review
Transformers   Transformers Theatrical Review
(Nathan M Rose)  07/04/2007 11:28 AM EDT
Transformers, the highly anticipated movie that this reviewer has been waiting for many years was finally released this week. The questions are does it live up to all its hype? Does it live up to the 1980's cartoon? Does it bring back those childhood memories? The answer, for this reviewer, is well...not really. But let's start at the beginning of ... Read More