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Nightmare Alley
Sean Ferguson |  Dec 18, 2021
Visually stunning and way better than a lot of the sub-par films out there! | Full Review...
iZombie: The Complete Third Season
Sean Ferguson |  Oct 09, 2017
If you’re a fan of iZombie of course you’re going to want this set for your collection. And if you haven’t seen the show, would it kill you to give it a chance? I know someone who is a top chef with brains just in case! | Full Review...
Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Sean Ferguson |  Oct 02, 2017
What makes Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales so fantastic is the storyline echoes the past with a new generation, while touching on the heart of the original Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl characters. | Full Review...
Shameless: The Complete Seventh Season
Sean Ferguson |  Sep 25, 2017
Shameless is one of the funniest shows on television, and while a lot of what happens on the show is quite terribly wrong, at the heart of the show is a family that loves and cares for each other and is just trying to get by in this crazy world. | Full Review...
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
Sean Ferguson |  Sep 21, 2017
I give Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie 5 out of 5 clean pairs of underpants!  It’s very funny, the animation is fantastic and for 88 minutes you will be quite entertained! | Full Review...
This is Us: The Complete First Season
Sean Ferguson |  Sep 20, 2017
Warning: Please note…. once start you may find yourself binging the entire season without leaving the sofa, pints of ice cream & other comfort foods are needed and you may want to get a new box of Kleenex just in case. | Full Review...
The Last Face
Sean Ferguson |  Sep 05, 2017
Charlize Theron lays down an amazing performance with a character that just gets pushed over into hopelessness. Javier Bardem also puts in an Oscar-worthy performance as a doctor who’s always risking his life to save others to the detriment of his own life. | Full Review...
The Salesman
Sean Ferguson |  May 02, 2017
Overall, if you’re looking for a great story and don’t mind a little reading, I totally recommend checking out the Blu-ray release of The Salesman in stores now! | Full Review...
The Complete Seventh Season
Sean Ferguson |  Apr 12, 2017
For me, season 7 was my favorite season (of Archer) so far. I love the direction they took the series in and while it sets up what could be an incredibly creative season 8….Season 7 was just a ton fun! | Full Review...
Collateral Beauty
Sean Ferguson |  Mar 17, 2017
What I found most impressive about “Collateral Beauty” is the fact that each actor gets his or her moment in the dramatic spotlight. | Full Review...

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