Sep 01, 2010 03:44 PM EST

"Bioshock" Film Still a Real Possibility

A recent radio interview with Ken Levine, the "Bioshock" video game designer, revealed that a film based on the video game is still very much in the works.

Levine stated, "I will say that it is still an active thing. And it is something we are actively talking about and actively working on." He also said that "The movie business is complicated - I can't tell you whether it's going to happen for sure or it's not going to happen for sure. But it's something we are actively discussing, quite actively, and actively working on."

Levine also discussed how they will need to make a lead character, as the game version is only a point of view game and all you see is a hand with a gun. "You can't really do that in a movie. That's your guy, that's the guy you are following through." The trick is to stay true to the game and also round out the character "so he's not literally a hand with a gun" and "so he's actually a person who is going through some sort of progression through his life."

If the film comes to fruition, it will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
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