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"The past is seldom as we would have it. The future unknown. Embrace the present and strike all else from concern." -- Spartacus

"The past is seldom as we would have it. The future unknown. Embrace the present and strike all else from concern." These are the words spoken by our legendary leader and hero, Spartacus. It's been a long journey to this point, first he was a slave, then a husband, a free man; and finally a leader of freed slaves.

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Only two episodes are left and to say they are worth it is an understatement. Spartacus was never the most original show, instead it began like most shows, borrowing ideas, themes, concepts, design, and writing from various previous works and mixing them all together. Thankfully this concoction mixed well and the result was a show that was parts Deadwood, 300, and True Blood. Blended together they made for complex characters, exceptional writing, intense action sequences and naturally, steamy love scenes.
In the second to last episode, "The Dead and the Dying," Spartacus slowly moves north when he comes across a small band of soldiers, thought to be Marcus's men. In reality they are part of Pompeii's legion who is trailing the rebels who headed for the mountains. Spartacus's sees an opportunity to seize a victory without causing more unnecessary death for his people. Meanwhile Marcus, hearing the news of Pompeii and his army, sends his son Tiberius as a diplomat of sorts to discuss battle plans. However, what lies in store for Tiberius and his men will be more than he ever bargained for.
Now we come to the grand conclusion, "Victory." After many battles and terrible losses, Spartacus sees no other resolution to their problems than one grand, final assault against Marcus and his legions. The first 20 minutes of the episode are pure build up to the final battle which rages on for the rest of the second half. No need for spoilers here, best to watch it yourself and draw your own wisdom from it. Filled with all the best clichés of the action genre, "Victory" is the perfect end to a phenomenal series.
There's no denying that after seeing these two episodes, you'll want more. Best to head back to the beginning and let yourself get lost in the grandeur of it all. I know I will. 

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