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Rambo Theatrical Review
Rambo Theatrical Review   Rambo Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  02/19/2008 10:46 AM EST
The goal of every action movie since 1985 has been to even try to approximate the "scene" in That Movie Where Chuck Norris Comes Out Of The Water. If you grew up in the 80's, you know which one I'm talking about. The 80's legacy of movies is an interesting one: intensely patriotic (or jingoistic, depending on how you roll), centered on th... Read More

Jumper Theatrical Review
Jumper Theatrical Review   Jumper Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  02/16/2008 10:13 AM EST
I read the 1992 Steven Gould novel which was fairly streamlined science fiction: take a precept that a young man can teleport and then play the game of figuring out how things might evolve from there. When he's out of cash, he figures out he can jump into a bank vault. When he has an apartment door that doesn't open, rather than having the super fi... Read More

Juno Theatrical Review
Juno Theatrical Review   Juno Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  02/14/2008 11:39 AM EST
Teen pregnancy in, fiction (as well as real life), has some absolutely defining features. The most prominent is the moral atmosphere around abortion. The second is around the social consequences both at school and at home. Finally, if life is chosen and the girl isn't the victim of an honor killing, there's the question of adoption. At each step th... Read More

Untraceable Theatrical Review
Untraceable Theatrical Review   Untraceable Theatrical Review
(Nathan M Rose)  01/23/2008 9:30 AM EST
January is usually the dumping ground for movies that didn't cut it for the holiday season, but starting in 2008 with Cloverfield and now Untraceable this is no longer the case.Untraceable is the story of FBI agent Jennifer March (Diane Lane), a single mother who is part of the Cybercrime division in Portland, Oregon. Life is normally mundane for t... Read More

Cloverfield Theatrical Review
Cloverfield Theatrical Review   Cloverfield Theatrical Review
(Eric English)  01/20/2008 5:06 PM EST
Cloverfield. Got your attention already, eh?  Ok we have a kick ass trailer, a big mystery about "the monster", months and month of speculation and viral marketing ( The web hype machine hit feverish paces over this one, and while not as big a disappointment as "Snakes On A Plane", Cloverfield simply fails to l... Read More

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Theatrical Review
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Theatrical Review   Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Theatrical Review
(Maureen Buccellato)  01/17/2008 4:02 PM EST
When most people hear "Sweeny Todd" they know very little: Some know it was a Broadway play/musical, and maybe they remember in the film "Jersey Girl", the little girl performed a gory scene from it at her school talent show. That about sums it up. It is safe to say that if Johnny Depp wasn't in this film and Tim Burton didn't m... Read More

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Theatrical Review
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Series Review   Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  01/15/2008 4:59 PM EST
Back in 1984 I heard Roger Ebert say on TV that an upcoming movie was about a "Cyborg assassin from the future." He advised viewers to "put your brain on hold for this one." The words "cyborg assassin" weren't very common in the early 80's (now they hand out candy covered cyborg assassins at baby showers) and it got my... Read More

Charlie Wilson's War Theatrical Review
Charlie Wilson's War Theatrical Review   Charlie Wilson's War Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  01/15/2008 1:36 PM EST
It's fashionable today to talk about how "we" created the Taliban--our own present-day Frankenstein-Monster come back to haunt us. It's less common to hear people discuss the context in which we handed out state-of-the-art Stinger missiles to a bunch of religious fanatics. That context was the cold-war and mutually assured destruction.Whe... Read More

A Christmas Story Theatrical Review
A Christmas Story Theatrical Review   A Christmas Story Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  12/27/2007 11:34 AM EST
The Christmas movie can get away with sappiness in a way that most other family-friendly movies can't. It's okay to have peace-on-earth and goodwill to all men as your message if you also have a Christmas tree or at least Santa Clause in there somewhere. If you do this with a killer whale, for example, you run the risk of making Free Willy 2.Releas... Read More

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Theatrical Review
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Theatrical Review   Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Theatrical Review
(Marco Chacon)  12/27/2007 10:06 AM EST
It's hard to judge Alien vs. Predator - Requiem. On one hand the human characters are forgettable, the plot fairly absurd, and the movie, as a horror show simply a kinetic gore-fest. On the other hand, it does, fairly, deliver on its premise: the Aliens, macro-scale biological weapons, land in a small town on modern-day earth and we, humanity, are ... Read More