Nancy Spielberg and Tal Inbar Discuss Their Film CLOSED CIRCUIT

Jan 16, 2023 10:10 AM EST
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Writer/director Tal Inbar and producer Nancy Spielberg joined FlickDirect’s Austin Putnam at the Miami Jewish Film Festival. Watch as they discuss Tal’s documentary about the 2016 terrorist attack, Closed Circuit.


Produced by Nancy Spielberg, Closed Circuit is a powerful account that lays bare the devastating heartbreak of the 2016 terrorist attack that took place in the heart of Tel Aviv. Riveting, searing, and heart-pounding, filmmaker Tal Inbar helps us imagine the unthinkable by skillfully weaving together raw footage from closed-circuit cameras at the infamous terrorist attack in Sarona Market with the present-day memories of survivors of the incident.

Directed By: 
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 53 minutes
Distributed By: Tal Becher, Yoav Zeevy, Omri Uzrad, Nancy Spielberg, and Go2Films

Closed Circuit is © Tal Becher, Yoav Zeevy, Omri Uzrad, Nancy Spielberg, and Go2Films. All Rights Reserved.