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  • 10/16/2018 11:01 AM EDT

    Season 3 Trailer

    Missing for months, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) reemerges a broken man, putting into question his fut...
  • 10/12/2018 9:57 AM EDT

    Trailer 2

    Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The...
  • 10/11/2018 4:12 PM EDT


    Deep under the Arctic Ocean, American submarine Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler, Olympus Has Fallen...
  • 10/10/2018 10:09 PM EDT


    From executive producers Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti, TITANS follows a group of y...
  • 10/10/2018 10:01 AM EDT


    Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, Pet Sematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clark...
  • 10/9/2018 11:43 PM EDT

    The Innocent & The Wicked | Season 5

    Here's a recap of GOTHAM before the final season returns in 2019. Before there was Batman, there...
  • 10/8/2018 4:44 PM EDT

    Season 2 Teaser

    A storm is coming. American Gods returns to STARZ in 2019. Starring Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Yeti...
  • 9/28/2018 11:46 AM EDT

    Trailer 3

    For their eighth fully animated feature, Illumination and Universal Pictures present The Grinch, bas...

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