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Empire of Light
Allison Rose |  Dec 09, 2022
Ward is a rising star and his work in Empire of Light is just another example of his talent. | Full Review...
Pulp Fiction
Allison Rose |  Dec 05, 2022
Tarantino always offers something different anytime he has a film in theaters but when Pulp Fiction premiered in 1994 audiences knew it was something special. | Full Review...
The Good House
Allison Rose |  Dec 02, 2022
While The Good House has a solid cast, it really showcases Weaver’s talent and versatility. | Full Review...
Violent Night
Allison Rose |  Dec 01, 2022
Violent Night combines humor, blood, guns, and a Christmas miracle or two and wraps them all up with a neat and shiny bow. | Full Review...
Darby and The Dead
Allison Rose |  Dec 01, 2022
Darby and the Dead offers some serious moments wrapped in a light-hearted hard candy shell | Full Review...
Allison Rose |  Nov 30, 2022
As with all things Disney+ related, the production value of Willow is top notch. | Full Review...
Halo: Season One Blu-ray
Leonard Buccellato |  Nov 24, 2022
Halo is growing into its own combat boots and I’m looking forward to season two. | Full Review...
Doom Patrol: The Complete Third Season
Allison Rose |  Nov 18, 2022
Doom Patrol is a different kind of “superhero” show that works because of witty and snarky writing delivered by some excellent actors... | Full Review...
The Menu
Allison Rose |  Nov 17, 2022
Fiennes is perfectly cast as the moody, pompous, celebrity chef who creates masterpieces. | Full Review...
Allison Rose |  Nov 15, 2022
When X came out it easily fell into the thriller sub-genre of horror movies building the suspense until the third act. Pearl, on the other had, was more of a drama that turned into a gory, slasher film. | Full Review...

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