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The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard   The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard 4K Ultra HD Review
(Maureen Buccellato)  8/30/2021 10:27 AM EST
In 2017, Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) came into our lives as a high-profile bodyguard, Michael Bryce, in the movie "The Hitman's Bodyguard". He has a fall from grace after one of his clients gets assassinated on Michael's watch, causing a downward spiral for Bryce. He is forced to take on less than desirable clients to make a living a... Read More

Candyman   Candyman Theatrical Review
(Allison Rose)  8/26/2021 11:40 PM EST
Urban Legends are described as humorous or horrific stories or pieces of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller.  They have been around as long as storytelling of any kind and often involve supernatural elements. These "legends" get passed down from g... Read More

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings   Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Theatrical Review
(Allison Rose)  8/24/2021 2:15 AM EST
Just when you thought Marvel pulled out every superhero and villain in their arsenal, this summer we are getting introduced to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. What?!? Who?!?  Why?!?  Well, the last question we already know the answer to (the all mighty dollar) but unless you are a true Marvel comics fan, chances are you have no... Read More

Labyrinth 35th Anniversary Edition   Labyrinth 4K Ultra HD Review
(Allison Rose)  8/20/2021 10:09 AM EST
Thirty-five years ago, Jennifer Connelly (Snowpiercer) was only a teenager when she landed the lead role of Sarah in the Jim Henson (The Muppets) directed movie, Labyrinth.  Co-starring David Bowie (The Man Who Fell to Earth) as Jareth, the goblin king, the film was initially considered a flop only having grossed just below thirteen million in... Read More

The Night House   The Night House Theatrical Review
(Allison Rose)  8/19/2021 10:44 AM EST
Fifteen years ago, a film starring Keanu Reeves (The John Wick Series) and Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side), blended some unexplained, supernatural-type elements with a scenic view from a mostly glass house that sat on a lake.  The Lake house was a romance (with that supernatural element left unexplained) and fans of Reeves and Bullock certainl... Read More

Mommie Dearest   Mommie Dearest Blu-ray Review
(Allison Rose)  8/16/2021 11:15 AM EST
Joan Crawford was an icon of the silver screen.  Beginning as a silent films actress, she transitioned to "talkies" with ease.  However, the one thing she desired most, a child, is something she could never have.  After several miscarriages, she decides to adopt, which turned out to be more difficult than she thought.  ... Read More

Respect   Respect Theatrical Review
(Allison Rose)  8/12/2021 9:07 AM EST
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, known to her friends and family as "Rhee", is indisputably one of the most iconic singers of the twentieth century.  Her smooth vocals, incredible musicality, tenacity, and tumultuous personal life made her a legend whose legacy will stand the test of time.  Long before her passing in August o... Read More

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two   Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two Blu-ray Review
(Allison Rose)  8/10/2021 9:58 AM EST
Warner Bros. Animation has a long history of teaming up with DC Comics to create feature films that bring your favorite comic books to life.  This past June they continued that tradition with Batman: Long Halloween Part I and this week they are releasing on Blu-ray Batman: Long Halloween Part II to conclude the saga that was originally made up... Read More

Free Guy   Free Guy Theatrical Review
(Allison Rose)  8/5/2021 3:32 PM EST
What would you do if your whole life was the same thing over and over again?  Get up, go to work, head home, eat dinner and go to sleep.  Sounds pretty mundane, doesn't it? However, what if you didn't know it was boring or repetitive and you were happy?  For Guy (Ryan Reynolds; Deadpool), that is his existence until one day he does s... Read More

The Suicide Squad   The Suicide Squad Theatrical Review
(Allison Rose)  8/5/2021 9:44 AM EST
Every good superhero comic book must have a supervillain or two but what happens when a group of villains are forced to work together as a kind of super antihero team? In 1959 DC comics first introduced the Suicide Squad. A more modern version debuted in 1987 and the most recent incantation is called Task Force X.  These criminals are recruite... Read More

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