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Allison Skornick-Rose |  May 13, 2021
I found Profile to be intriguing and engaging but the social media "gimmick" loses steam by the end. | Full Review...
Army of The Dead
Allison Skornick-Rose |  May 13, 2021
Army of the Dead is a decent movie in the action / horror categories, with the emphasis on the former. | Full Review...
Allison Skornick-Rose |  May 11, 2021
Shrek became such a big hit because it had several components that came together perfectly. | Full Review...
The Marksman
Allison Skornick-Rose |  May 11, 2021
The best way to describe the film is probably as, mundane which is most definitely not what you want from any film, let alone an Action/Drama/Thriller. | Full Review...
Justice Society: World War II
Allison Skornick-Rose |  May 10, 2021
Bomer offers the perfect blend of vocals to the role of The Flash/Barry Allen. | Full Review...
Wrath of Man
Alyn Darnay |  May 07, 2021
If you've been waiting for an intense revenge thriller with some strong plot maneuvering and an overload of violence to come along, "Wrath Of Man" should satisfy you. | Full Review...
Wrath of Man
Allison Rose |  May 06, 2021
Part of what leads to Wrath of Man’s ultimate demise, is the story and the script. | Full Review...
Big Fish
Allison Skornick-Rose |  May 05, 2021
The sentiment behind the plot is sweet and endearing and the movie is an excellent example of Burton, the master filmmaker, at work. | Full Review...
Allison Rose |  May 04, 2021
The action in Speed is unrelenting for the most part, moving from one explosion to another and keeping the viewers entertained throughout the almost two-hour running time. | Full Review...
Allison Skornick-Rose |  Apr 29, 2021
Having spent time in Syria, Sharrock has a unique perspective on the unrest in the country and the angst and fear of those who fled for parts unknown. | Full Review...

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