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The Black Phone
Allison Rose |  Aug 22, 2022
In theory, the concept of The Black Phone is unique and interesting. | Full Review...
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
Allison Rose |  Aug 18, 2022
I’m not sure this series would have worked with a different actress in the lead role, as Maslany offers just the right combination of smarts and sassiness to make Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk fierce yet likable. | Full Review...
Day Shift
Allison Rose |  Aug 12, 2022
The cast is great and the stunts are incredible but the script isn’t very funny so even a veteran, comedic actor like Foxx has nothing to sink his teeth into (pun intended). | Full Review...
Emily The Criminal
Alyn Darnay |  Aug 11, 2022
You should just sit back and take in “EMILY THE CRIMINAL.” You’ll find it one big exciting ride from start to finish. | Full Review...
I Am Groot
Allison Rose |  Aug 10, 2022
I AM GROOT offers fifteen minutes of baby Groot time while he looks adorable and gives audiences quite a few laugh out loud moments. | Full Review...
Allison Rose |  Aug 04, 2022
As a sci-fi, action, drama film, Prey has more style and depth than the original Predator movie but still manages to tie the two films together with common threads offering a plausibility that makes sense. | Full Review...
Bullet Train
Allison Rose |  Aug 02, 2022
Bullet Train is one ride you want to hop on and take it all the way to the end of the line. You won’t be disappointed. | Full Review...
Allison Rose |  Aug 01, 2022
Flatliners script written by Peter Filardi (The Craft), could have fallen apart in less capable hands but Schumacher handles the source material beautifully creating an intriguing visual to a fascinating concept. | Full Review...
Mrs Harris Goes To Paris
Allison Rose |  Jul 14, 2022
If you want a cute, lighthearted, “gosh, golly gee” kind of movie with incredible fashions, then Mrs Harris Goes To Paris is one right up your alley. | Full Review...
Where the Crawdads Sing
Allison Rose |  Jul 13, 2022
The young, up and coming cast are terrific with Edgar-Jones leading the charge for the others to follow. | Full Review...

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