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Attack The Block
Marco Duran |  Jul 28, 2011
The South London housing estates, or "blocks", have always been a great place to stage a film, especially to a Yankee like me.  When I think of London, I think of some place nice and cl... | Full Review...
Another Earth
Marco Duran |  Jul 10, 2011
Independent films rarely take on science-fiction.  Reason is because sci-fi films usually require lots of money for sets and effects.  On the other hand, having angsty conversations about yo... | Full Review...
Jane Eyre
Marco Duran |  Mar 14, 2011
Charlotte Bronte's classic novel has endured as a mainstay on many reading lists and has only been gaining in popularity. Since 1910, it has surprisingly produced 18 different film versions, not t... | Full Review...
Mars Needs Moms
Marco Duran |  Mar 11, 2011
Try as he may, Robert Zemekis cannot find his way out of the uncanny valley - that deep gorge where his other forays into motion-capture like The Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol have fall... | Full Review...
Marco Duran |  Jul 17, 2010
The film sub-genre of Mumblecore has been around since 2002.  They are characterized by improvised scripts spoken by un-proven actors on shoestring budgets.  The plots are simplistic, people... | Full Review...
Marco Duran |  Jul 17, 2010
I did not intend to write a review for Inception.  I didn't want to.  If I plan on writing about a film, I take my notebook and write my notes by glow of the silver screen.  However, wh... | Full Review...
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Marco Duran |  Nov 13, 2009
Before this year, some may have called stop motion animation a dying art form. What with its tireless work schedule - being able to get 1 – 3 minutes of footage done in a full days work - i... | Full Review...
Pirate Radio
Marco Duran |  Nov 13, 2009
In 1966, the government-backed British Broadcasting Company (BBC) broadcast barely two hours of rock and pop music every week over the UK radio airwaves. By comparison, 571 American radio station... | Full Review...
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Marco Duran |  Oct 24, 2009
It's a difficult tightrope to walk doing a film adaptation of a book, especially if the book is well loved. On one hand, if you change the book's content too much, you run the risk of angering th... | Full Review...
Marco Duran |  Sep 29, 2009
First of all, it's cards on the table time. Zombieland is only the second zombie flick I've ever seen. I know. I know. I'm sorry. 28 days later is the other one. Not even... | Full Review...

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