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Closed Circuit
Allison Rose | Jan 23, 2023
Inbar puts together a solid film that has terrific balance between interviews and camera footage.
Full Review | Grade: B
A Man Called Otto
Allison Rose | Jan 13, 2023
Let’s face it, anything Tom Hanks is in becomes elevated to the next level by his mere presence.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Jan 12, 2023
Plane's fight sequences are decent and there are laughs (both intentional and unintentional) peppered through the movie.
Full Review | Grade: C
She Said
Allison Rose | Jan 10, 2023
The leads, Mulligan and Kazan, are terrific and help to move the plot along nicely as they scramble to build an article.
Full Review | Grade: A
Allison Rose | Jan 05, 2023
Williams has a presence about her that makes her convincing as a robotics genius while still making her not come across as a “Tech Nerd”.
Full Review | Grade: B
Prey For The Devil
Allison Rose | Jan 03, 2023
Offering a little twist on the typical exorcist movie, Prey for the Devil combines jump scares with hypotheses on possession and exorcism...
Full Review | Grade: C
Black Adam
Allison Rose | Jan 02, 2023
It is obvious why Johnson was cast in the title role. He is a HUGE box office draw, can portray an extremely menacing character, and would be believable as an ancient superhero.
Full Review | Grade: B
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Alyn Darnay | Dec 22, 2022
”I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is not a must-see film, even though it tries hard to be. I only wish the film was as good as Whitney was, unfortunately, it’s not.
Full Review | Grade: C
Allison Rose | Dec 20, 2022
There are so many adjectives one could use to describe Damien Chazelle’s Babylon; some good, some maybe not so good.
Full Review | Grade: C
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
Allison Rose | Dec 19, 2022
Bardem offers audiences an opportunity to see a whole other side of himself. As a dramatic actor he can move an audience but as a singing and dancing comedic actor he surprises viewers with how good he can be.
Full Review | Grade: B

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