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Spotlight on Action Hero: Anthony De Longis

Spotlight on Action Hero: Anthony De Longis
Actor, celebrity action trainer, horse master, whip master, sword master, Hollywood action coordinator - these are just a few of the titles earned and bestowed upon Anthony DeLongis during his 34 years working in the industry.

His influence on film and television stunt work is undeniable. Anthony has trained today's hottest stars including Harrison Ford, Mathew Perry, Michele Pfeiffer, Bo Derek, Ellen Barkin, Jon Voight, Elijah Wood, Christian Kane Angelica Huston, Christian de la Fuente.

His expert hand helped create unique character action for stars like Michelle Pfeiffer's "Catwoman" for BATMAN RETURNS and offered new and more effective, combatively efficient whip action for Harrison Ford's return to the screen in "INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL," to name just a select few.

He is the stunt actor called to play opposite stars like Jet Li, Patrick Swayzee, David Carradine, Lorenzo Lamas, Dolph Lundgren, Madeline Stowe, Placido Domingo, Ralph Moeller, Tom Cruise, Jerry McConnell, Sam Elliot, Adrian Paul and Linda Carter. Only the best of the best are called by the studios and top stunt coordinators to protect the faces and bodies of well known stars. Anthony De Longis has earned his place among that very select group

An undisputed master swordsman, Anthony was flown to China where he matched cut for parry with Jet Li in choreography created on the spot by Woo Ping, Jet and Anthony for the opening sequence in "FEARLESS".

De Longis made such an impression on star Adrian Paul and the producers of "HIGHLANDER the Series" in season 3 that a new character was created in season 5 based on Anthony's own back story and ideas for filming for the very first time the unique Spanish destreza system of rapier fighting. Entitled "Duende," the episode was dubbed one of the best in the shows seven seasons with the rapier and dagger fight between Anthony & Adrian hailed as the most complex fight in the show's history.
De Longis has guest starred on some of television's most popular shows, including STAR TREK: VOYAGER, BABYLON 5, KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES, MacGYVER, and MOONLIGHTING.

Recently Anthony was invited to perform stunt work on horseback by William Shatner's charity The Hollywood Charity Horse Show with his team, "The Rancho Indalo Riders."

In addition to training celebrities, choreographing whip, horse, sword and other action sequences for top films, he's opening his 5 acre ranch for training and sharing his extraordinary skills with his fans. "TRAIN LIKE YOUR FAVORITE ACTION HERO"  will offer lessons in whip, broadsword, katana, rapier, saber, archery, horseback riding, archery and pistol & shotgun shooting at their live fire on-site gun range. They even have a 400 foot zip line. Fun for kids of all ages.

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-- Tara Cardinal
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