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More Chronicles of Riddick On The Way

More Chronicles of Riddick On The Way
In a recent interview with MTV news, Vin Diesel stated that we can expect two more films about his character Richard B. Riddick. It has been four years since the release of 'The Chronicles of Riddick', and many were wondering if the supposed trilogy would ever come to fruition. 

Diesel said, "David Twowy right now is writing the scripts. The only question is whether we take a page from the ‘Lord of the Rings' guys and try to shoot the two chapters at the same time. There are two more in mind. ‘The Chronicles of Riddick' was presented as a three part trilogy that would answer ‘Pitch Black' in the same way that ‘Lord of the Rings' answered ‘The Hobbit.'"

Diesel also says that amount of time gone by isn't due to lack of interest in the film, or casting problems.  He simply wants to get it right. "Everyone knows I love the Riddick character and I'm always working on it. It just takes five years to make another one because David Twohy and I are so precious about it."

The first film made a so-so $57 million domestically, but did well internationally and even had a video game released.

The character of Riddick first came onto the scene on the 2000 release of  'Pitch Black'.
Source: MTV News
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