Dec 04, 2008 02:47 PM EST

Robert Downey, Jr. Speaks About Avengers FIlm

Robert Downey, Jr. Speaks About Avengers FIlm
Recently, Robert Downey, Jr. was interviewed by MTV News, and stated his concerns for the upcoming "The Avengers" film. The "Iron Man" star makes no bones about his fear that they movie could bomb if it isn't done properly.

Downey stated that "If we don't get it right it's really, really going to suck. It has to be the crowning blow of Marvel's best and brightest because it's the hardest thing to get right. It's tough to spin all the plates for one of these characters."

He went on to say, "I think its important that I do what I'm supposed to do which is keep my side of the street clean. The danger you run with colliding all these worlds is [director] Jon [Favreau] was very certain that ‘Iron Man' should be set in a very realistic world. Nothing that happened in ‘Iron Man' is really outside the realm of possibility. Once you start talking about Valhalla and supersized super soldiers and jolly green giants it warrants much further discussion."

"The Avengers" is set for release in July 2011.
Source: MTV News
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