Jan 22, 2009 04:08 PM EST

People's Choice Awards and NBC Silent on My Own Worst Enemy

People's Choice Awards and NBC Silent on My Own Worst Enemy
Recently, a visitor to FlickDirect sent an email inquiring about the results to the People Choice Awards "Cancelled Shows that Deserve a Second Chance" award.

She stated that she "watched the People's Choice Awards" just to find out if My Own Worst Enemy won this category.  They never mentioned it.  Fine!!  I looked online the next day to find out the winner.  Again, nothing was mentioned. This category was open for voting up until the day before the show.  Now it is like it never existed."

FlickDirect decided to look into this interesting quandary.  There, indeed, was NO mention of this award ANYWHERE. In fact, all the staff could find were people asking the same question; "Where are the results?"  They finally stumbled upon an answer on a random website. "My Own Worst Enemy" did, in fact, win the award.

This brings up questions as to why NBC and People's Choice Awards never released this information.  Is it that they didn't want to admit that they made a mistake canceling such a well loved show? And if so, why even have this award to being with? Why publicize an award that you have no intention of even speaking about afterwards?

At the present time all requests by FlickDirect on what "really happened" have gone unreturned by NBC/Universal  and the People's Choice Awards.
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