Feb 02, 2009 12:58 PM EST

My Own Worst Enemy People's Choice Awards Update

My Own Worst Enemy People's Choice Awards Update
As FlickDirect.com reported, the company handling People's Choice awards had a poll of the fan's favorite canceled TV shows.  Unfortunately, they didn't release the responses. As hoped, the top choice was My Own Worst Enemy, but since the findings weren't released, how would we know?

It turns out that the confusion was due to the fact that the company handles two separate voting functions:  the People's Choice awards, and all-year-long polling about pop-culture.  When My Own Worst Enemy was canceled, it was taken out of the running for an actual PC Award and got moved to a general poll.  Those polls are just letting fans have their say; they aren't connected to an award.

So when My Own Worst Enemy won the fan's poll, did anyone at NBC see it?  I spoke with Johanna Bradford at TeleNext Media Inc., the group that runs the polls, and this was her formal answer:

Our commitment at the People's Choice website, pcaVOTE.com , is to provide a place where people can express their opinions on pop-culture. We offer relevant and timely polls, the ability to post original polls and the opportunity to influence pop-culture through partnerships with other names in the entertainment industry such as Rascal Flatts and Queen Latifah. We admire and appreciate that fans took action to find out the results of the Canceled TV Poll and we were happy to post those results. We are proud to offer a destination where fans can voice their choice regarding the entertainment industry, not just during the annual People's Choice Awards, but year round.
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