Nov 20, 2006 11:06 AM EST

Upcoming Fantasy Film "The Red Reaper" Get Lead

Upcoming Fantasy Film
Legend of the Red Reaper's Matt Dean has cast TARA CARDINAL as the lead role of The Red Reaper. Miss Tara Cardinal, who at first was thought to be too young for the role, has proven her talent. An actress, sword fighter, an artist, she is the right fit for the feisty fearsome character "The Red Reaper". Tara's most recent credits include the title film in the European style Opera flavored drama "Genius" as well as a leading role in KS Film's "Delivery" which is set for release by Warner Brothers in February. As well as a talented actress, Tara is also a cover model for romance novels. Look for Tara on the cover of Cianna Stone's "That which survives", and as the only female model on the website. For more on Ms Cardinal visit her website
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